Photos 75 years of liberation Market Garden

Dear reader first things first I made a lot of photos, day by day there will be new photos added to the rest. I photographed Liberation Task Force, drove with OMG 2019 and been to several places between Leopoldsburg and Nijmegen. As you will see all the photos will have a logo. It’s necassary but please send me a message by contact or mail me at especially if you need photos for videos, papers, magazines, websites and such things. I don’t charge I do like a copy tho. For the Dutch, misuse will be punnised! Are you looking for a photo from yourself of a vehicle, but can’t find it in the ones below, please contact me!

Liberation Task Force Slijk-Ewijk

Round Canopy Parachuting team jump Grave

Liberation Task Force Groesbeek campsite:

Liberation Task Force Veghel and Grave

Waaloversteek 2019 Nijmegen:


 Liberation Task Force Son en Breugel

Liberation Task Force Mierlo

Liberation Task Force Bergeijk Joe’s Bridge en Valkenswaard:

Photos OMG:

Photos Liberation Task Force Dommelen:

Photos Liberation Task Force Nijmegen Slijk-Ewijk

Photos Liberation Task Force Hoek van Holland:

2 thoughts on “Photos 75 years of liberation Market Garden

  1. Super mooie foto’s ,,,, ikzelf heb ook meegedaan aan de LTF tour was een bijzondere beleving om het mee te maken.

    Groeten Twan van den Hurk.

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